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September 2020 | Palo Alto, CA

Regalix Nytro Launches Pitch App To Help Sellers Master The Sales Pitch In A Virtual Environment

Regalix, a global leader in sales enablement and revenue operations, announced the launch of Nytro Pitch App – the first-ever AI-powered pitch platform that helps sellers master their sales pitches and demos remotely and at scale. Nytro Pitch App uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and analyze sales reps’ pitch recordings and, using multiple machine learning techniques, it can quickly determine a rep’s pitch performance across several key dimensions to identify which reps have mastered the demo or sales pitch and which reps need more practice.

“The ability to analyze, auto-grade and score pitch submissions at scale using advanced AI and ML is the first of its kind to help prepare sellers digitally,” said Ravish Kamath, VP of Product at Regalix. “Nytro Pitch App addresses challenges around onboarding and training sellers quickly and efficiently at scale in this new virtual selling environment.”

Nytro Pitch App’s intelligent grading and scoring rubric provides managers and sales reps with actionable insights and steps on how and where to improve demos and pitch deliveries to get sellers to a “rock star” level. Nytro Pitch app can also gamify the training process by having leaderboards and tournament brackets that make it much more engaging and fun for sellers.

As more and more companies are re-evaluating their selling processes and shifting to an online selling model, Nytro Pitch App becomes an essential part of transforming what was once an expensive, lengthy and cumbersome selling process into a virtual, intelligent and more cost-efficient method of selling in the new norm.